Self-Employed Consultants Are No Longer Wage Slaves

Can you just imagine waking up each morning eager to get to work. You are doing the work that you love to do and being paid well.

You set the hours you work – short or long. You choose the days you work each week – seven days, three days, not at all today. You choose whether to work in the city or at home and you choose when to take your vacation and how long it will be.Your work life is a joy.

You can do all this because you are the boss!

An impossible dream?

Not if you offer your services as a consultant.

Shirley Hated Her Boss – Who Wouldn’t?

Many people are opting out of the rat-race of working for employers who do not appreciate them. They offer their skills in a consulting role and are paid much more for them. Sometimes to the same boss.

Take Shirley for example: She was a very efficient secretary to a most unappreciating employer. Her employer gave her little respect and treated her as his personal lackey rather than a professional secretary. He often gave her complex assignments towards the end of the day and insisted she work after hours to complete them.

He bawled throughout the day for his coffee and expected Shirley to stop whatever she was doing to cater to his needs.

The task she resented most was having to pick up his personal dry-cleaning, but all may have been bearable if only she had received a ‘thank you’ or been shown some sign that she and her services were appreciated.

Frustration Forces Some Action

Shirley became so frustrated and unhappy she thought of leaving her job and seeking new employment. Two things stopped her, first, she needed the steady salary and she was afraid of jumping into the same situation with perhaps an even worse boss. A friend told her that perhaps she could do typing as a home business. The idea didn’t really thrill her, after all, she was much more than just a typist but she decided to find out more about setting up a home business.

So she sought the advice of a business consultant

Shirley Left the Rat-race Forever

With the help of a consultant she listed all the tasks she was now doing. Shirley then prioritized them according the skill required and the level of enjoyment and satisfaction she received in performing them (picking up dry-cleaning came last on each criteria).

Shirley discovered that one of the special skills that she enjoyed performing was organizing meetings, including the arrangement of traveling and accommodation for attendees, the preparation of minutes, the catering and all those other services that allowed the participants to focus on the business of the meeting.

The consultant told her that these were sought after skills and very saleable as both large and small firms preferred to outsource this work. So with his assistance she set up her own consulting firm offering these services.

Now, she has so many clients that she can pick and choose. She even has her old boss as a client but now he regards her as a valuable resource which he needs to nurture in case she becomes no longer available. Her remuneration is much higher than when she worked for a wage. And Shirley…she loves working with him far more than when she worked for him.

Can You Succeed As An Arbonne Consultant? By Tony Bernard | Submitted On April 22, 2008

Can you succeed as an Arbonne consultant? You betcha. Arbonne is a great company, in my opinion. And they have great skin care products. What I’m going to share with you are some tips that’ll show you how you can succeed as an Arbonne consultant.

Arbonne Success Tip #1:

The first tip that’ll help you succeed as an Arbonne consultant is pretty basic. It’s your willingness to work hard. I know that’s straightward. But here me out. Your willingness to work hard will weigh heavily on whether or not you succeed in Arbonne. If you’re only working your business as a hobby, then it may or may not grow. But if you’re serious about growing your business, it’ll grow into a successful business if you put in the time.

What you should do is set aside some time each day to work your business. If it’s only 1 hour a day that you can spare, do it. You have to be consistent and persistent. And by doing this, you’ll see yourself begin to succeed in Arbonne.

Arbonne Success Tip #2:

The next thing you should do in order to succeed as an Arbonne consultant is to understand the benefits of your skin care products. By really understanding your products, you’ll be able to find and attract people who actually wants your products. Not everyone will want to buy your products, that’s why it’s important to understand the benefits.

This will make it easy to succeed as an Arbonne consultant. You’ll have people approaching you, asking if they can buy products and join you in your business. When this happens, you’ll grow your Arbonne business consistently. And it’ll help you keep your retention rate high.

Arbonne Success Tip #3:

The third tip that’ll help you succeed as an Arbonne consultant is to track your business activities. If you’re passing out samples, business cards, or doing presentations, track those activities. If you’re passing out samples, track how much money you spent and how many people you gave it to. Then, track how many people called you and how many joined you in your Arbonne business.

This will help you see whether or not your activities are profitable. If they’re not, try something else. Don’t keep wasting time and money on activities that don’t work. When you’re able to see what works, you can continue doing it, while showing your downline. This will help you two-fold. One, you’ll continue to grow your Arbonne business. And two, you’re downline will be growing theirs.

This will make it easy for you to succeed as an Arbonne consultant.

Use these tips to help you succeed in Arbonne. I have no doubt that you’ll succeed in this business. Just stay on track and watch how your business begins to grow.

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The Pros and Cons of Consulting an Interior Designer Before You Buy Furniture

A professional interior decorator, or even designer, is someone you can hire to help you decorate and organize a room to make it more attractive, functional and up-to-date. These décor professionals can do everything from a simple consultation to a full home overhaul. But, is it worth it?

Keep reading to learn the benefits and disadvantages of hiring or consulting a professional before you buy furniture.

Benefit – Discounted Prices

Because interior decorators have extensive contacts, they can often purchase furniture pieces at wholesale or trade prices. Consequently, you can routinely pick up beautiful, designer items for less money than you would ordinarily pay.

Drawback – Mark-ups and Consultation Fees

Interior design or décor professionals don’t work for free. What you may save on wholesale furniture prices is probably going to cost you in consultation fees.

Benefit – Expertise and Professional Consultation

If you’re not a design expert or even if you simply don’t have the time to deal with home decorating, hiring a professional to take care of those decisions could be a wise investment. If your time is valuable, delegating furniture purchasing to someone else could even save you money.

Drawback – Lack of Personal Input

While most design professionals actively seek input and guidance from their clients, you’re still surrendering some control over your space and furniture buying decisions. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be intimately involved in your home, consulting a professional might not be right for you.

Benefit – Tracking Down Discounts

Because interior decorators work in the field every day, they have a great knowledge base about tracking down hot furniture deals, where the good sales are and how to locate quality products at discounted prices.

Benefit – Making you Stick to Your Budget

One of the best benefits of working with an interior design professional before you buy furniture is that they make you stick to a budget. Let’s say you set out with a personal budget of $4000 to refurnish your living room. If you hire a professional consultant for $500 and give her $3500 to work with, you’re more likely to come in on budget than if you go out on your own.

Why? Because once you’re shopping, you’re more likely to authorize extra purchases, pull out that second credit card or indulge in items that you don’t need. A professional can rein in those impulses.

In short, whether consulting a professional before you buy furniture is worth it is going to depend on you and understanding your purchasing and designing style.

How Franchise Consultant Leads Can Help

There are several ways to get the leads that you need to become successful. Franchise consultant leads can help you by supplying you with a list of qualified leads to choose from every day. It is hard to get the information that you want on your own but if you enlist the help of an experienced franchise consultant you can have all the leads delivered to you daily or weekly so you will know first hand which leads are right to pursue. This is key because the quality of your franchise leads will depend largely on the consultants knowledge of the franchising business.

When you receive leads, you will get leads that are current and up to date. You should never get leads that are months old because things may have changed and the lead is no longer good. You should also get a few of the exclusive leads because you want to receive some of the perks of using this service. Exclusive leads, by nature, may not be steady but when you get one you will appreciate its authenticity.

You should also receive your franchise leads from multiple sources. This will give you more of a selection then just from one source. You will receive franchise opportunities from the most name brand franchise companies and the ones that you don’t always hear about. This will give you a wide selection to choose from.

Always make sure that you have access to guaranteed leads. These leads should include all the information necessary to help you make a decision as to whether you want to pursue the lead or not. This will save you a lot of time and money when you weed out the leads that you do not like.

When you receive a franchise lead it should come with the contact information, capital to invest, date posted and more. To pay for your leads, it will depend on each franchise consultant. Most of them will offer you a certain amount of leads for a certain amount of money. You will also have the opportunity to pay for them in more than one way. This will increase your chances of working well with the franchise consultant. So both of you win and the results are positive.

Leads may come in bundles that you can afford. The leads should all be legitimate and accessible to you. On occasions, there have been leads that did not provide a working telephone number. When this happens you can probably return the lead to get your money back.

Franchise consultant leads can make your search for the right prospects easier and more effective, ruling out the ones that do not fit your profile or your interest. Franchise lead opportunities come around all the time but not all of them are right for you. Save yourself time by investing in quality franchise consultant leads.